Volunteers all around Europe organizing welcoming and inclusive code learnings happenings with real people in the real world. We offer free tech workshops with learning material and in-person learning support. People of all genders, backgrounds, levels, ages come together to learn, to coach or to organize in a cozy and including space provided for hands-on learning.

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Thumbnail Badge Join OTS Co-learning

Join OTS Co-learning

Thumbnail Badge Bugs come and go

Bugs come and go

Thumbnail Badge I made it through the broken internet

I made it through the broken internet

Thumbnail Badge 10 HTTP Cats

10 HTTP Cats

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Cautious clicker

Thumbnail Badge Cookie rain

Cookie rain

Thumbnail Badge E-Mail Attachment

E-Mail Attachment

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Flying toilet paper

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Furious clicker

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Hello Donnie

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Random Cookies

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Tarot Card

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Hackerinnen Sticker

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