Welcome to rC3


What's the Fahrplan?

The virtual halls 1 and 2 are appropriately titled "rC1" and "rC2" and the music program of the "rc3 Lounge" may of course not be missing. In addition, 15 community streams contribute their independently curated program to the decentralized Remote Chaos Experience.

This is the platform

You found us! This is where you will get set on track for the remote Chaos Experience, to attend lectures, explore the 2D world, participate in workshops, meet your friends via video chat and hopefully have a mindblowningly good time.

What are assemblies?

The assemblies - that's you: All the different groups that make Chaos colourful and worth exploring. At rC3 there are over 300assemblies offering talks, workshops, 2D worlds and discussion panels. And of course there are the popular self-organised sessions for all your exciting fields of interest.

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