HFF 2020 Online Exhibition

Assembly Hackteria - Global Network


"Having Friends in the Future" (HFF) is an experimental project sponsored by the National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Center and organized by the Tribal Against Machine. We propose a short-term international online residency based on the exchanges between the Taiwanese craftsmanship community and practionist of e-textile, materials science, and cultural preservation. We hope that this platform and friendship will continue after the event. By the format of online residency, we hope to create a common memory, participants will experience the exchange of language and culture, working together online with time differences, and the usage of collaborative internet tools to assist in knowledge sharing. “Everyday is open studio”, because of the essence of the online collaboration tools, the format of the project exhibition is expected to be more opened and interactive in a more immediate manner. The publics are invited to visit the months-long exchange process, making the communication process the exhibition itself, rather than just presenting the final outcome.

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