Roundtable Interoperability, Interconnection and Data Portability

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Roundtable Interoperability, Interconnection and Data Portability
Dec. 29, 2020, 6:30 p.m. - Dec. 29, 2020, 7:30 p.m.
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This round table event will connect experts, civil society organisations and users to discuss how increased interoperability could be a future-proof way to solve some of the most intractable issues of the Internet. And what else is needed, for example interconnection and data portability.

Dr Ian Brown (CyberBRICS Visiting Professor, Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro) elaborated on his research which explores interoperability as a tool for competition and regulation. Various judicial and civic entities (e.g. European Commission, US Congress members, lawyers, economists, and civil society organisations) have looked at how to use interoperability as a way to improve competition among gatekeeping platforms (i.e. social media, IM applications, and search engines). At the same time, civil society groups also advocate for interoperability as a way for citizens to have better control over their media environment, as they would then have the ability to choose different providers to cater to their needs.

eest9, Erwin Ernst Steinhammer is a network activist studying political science. He worked for a long time as a software consultant and in the course of this he also dealt with the social effects of automation. Erwin is also executive board member of C3 Vienna. Today he keeps a close eye on developments in network policy for, in parliament and in government.

Derek Caelin is an Innovation and Data Specialist at Counterpart International (CPI) with experience in open source technology and social media. He has helped activists deploy technology for social good at CPI, PeaceTech Lab, and the United States Institute of Peace. Derek spoke with 80 people, primarily on Mastodon, including 12 interviews of Fediverse administrators and moderators as well as hate speech monitors and experts in dangerous speech. He also conducted a survey of Fediverse users with 670 respondents.

Rysiekúr Memesson is a Hacker, activist, free-softie doing information security at ISNIC: He worked formerly at OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project):

moderated by: Sebastian Lasse worked formerly as a photojournalist and docfilmer. Today he designs ActivityPub powered software. Sebastian is also Co-Organiser of ActivityPub Conf:


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