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Dec. 29, 2020, 5 p.m. - Dec. 29, 2020, 7 p.m.
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Kickoff meeting to discuss how to move forward with the 'Rebuild' project and discover who is interested to help out.

Meeting will take place in our Jitsi room.

The Project is old, in many places running code that is almost old enough to vote. There aren't many developers left, and those of us that are have full-time jobs and nowhere near the time to commit to rebuilding HackThisSite.

Help us to rebuild this website and community that has helped countless people start their journey of becoming an ethical hacker.

Project Phases (all can run in parallel)

  1. Onboard community managers, moderators, and content producers to rejuvenate the community (IRC, Discord, Forums)
  2. Define and implement a self-hosted SCM and CI/CD system (plan: Gitea + Drone + Ansible + BSDploy)
  3. Define and implement an IAM solution to decouple authnz from the main website (plan: OpenResty + NodeJS [Express + Passport])
  4. Define and implement a new challenges service, including new challenges and the ability for the community to provide their own (no plan defined yet)
  5. Rebuild all other components (forums, lectures, news, etc.) as new microservices or fragments (depends on #3; no plans defined yet)

What We Need

  • Server administrators with experience in legacy, non-"cloud" infrastructure (KVM, FreeBSD jails, self-hosted everything)
  • Software developers with experience in legacy, non-Dockerized code
  • Content creators that seek to frequently publish relevant information security and hacktivist content
  • Open minds and motivation to consistently contribute to the project

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