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Dec. 29, 2020, 10:43 a.m. - Dec. 29, 2020, 11:44 a.m.
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rC3 Lounge

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A pure creative, electronic live performer, DJ, composer, and writer, European based, created in Taiwan.

Discovering a passion for music from an early age whilst working in a jazz and classical music store in Taipei and collaborating on the LVI exhibition organized to raise awareness of vinyl alongside Jing's studies in graphic printing.

In order to pursue her curiosity about music Jing realized she would have to leave her homeland and relocate to Europe. Following her life's natural path Jing cemented foundations through encounters along the way, shortly after arriving in Berlin Jing formed an electronic dream-pop band "Polygothica" with close friend Dilijana.

Jing is also part of the performance collective UNDO alongside Bifi Boy, Birds and Tapes, Dj Nytanata, Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz, and visual artist Christian Starz, creating environments in various cities to host UNDO's experiments whilst also pursuing her solo music path which may be better described as a presenter of sound rather than being labeled a DJ or live performer.

Jing is a writer of short fiction stories and poems. Jing expands "writing is a part of me I like to write a sentence imagine situations create surprise construct the lost and found which can then be entwined into my music productions and performance". Having performed at numerous underground events, festivals, and clubs in Berlin, Weimar, Hamburg, and Taipei, such as Fusion, Nacht Digital, Kraniche, West Germany, Con Han Shop, Korner to name a few...

Drawing on an array of influences, cult films, and fiction, Jing is an explorer, out to share her creations...


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