exploring the world of logic gates, electronics, computing and arduino. would love to share :)

we focus mainly on a few things:

one is playing around with discrete logic gates and low level logic ICs building very basic and simple things like a alarm clock. Coming from the question "what really is a computer!? How does it work deep inside on the lowest level?" So with almost no experience in programming and computer stuff, the journey began just a few years ago.

another is developing, building and programming dsp-audio devices with the ambition to get very accurate sound solutions. customised for the setting, room and speakers in which music is heard.

a third is arduino playground, controling stuff and building small home made energy production and -storage systems.

Probably there will be small workshop(s) or Q&A on this stuff.

We are still exploring the world of logic, electronics and computing and would love to share our experiences and learn more together with others.

discordians, dadaists, situationists and anarchists welcome.

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