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Tl;dr We are some random hackers from Fulda, Germany. Here to meet, learn, teach, share, drink

In 2008 some Tschunk induced hackers and haecksen decide to found an hackerspace for every technic affin named Magrathea Laboratories. The name of our association Magrathea Laboratories is chosen in Honor to Douglas Adams novel and must read for every technic affin, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy”.

So Adams humor and fantasy is totally part of our founding myth:

According to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the ancient planet Magrathea was one of the wealthiest in the galaxy. Its inhabitants developed a new special industry: the construction of tailor-made luxury planets. These dream planets were sinfully expensive, so that Magrathea soon became the richest planet ever, plunging the rest of the galaxy into bitter poverty. As a result, during the Great Galactic Stock Market Crash, the residents went into hibernation and have been waiting for economic recovery to offer their construction services again. But Magrathea slowly fell into oblivion, and in these enlightened days, of course, nobody believes a word from planetary hyperspace engineers. In the wake of the collective hibernation of the Maghreb population, researchers at Magrathea Laboratories came to the consensus that they should not continue to hibernate and instead continue their research. So they decided to relocate the lab to their previous bio-algorithmic masterpiece, the Earth. The laboratory is located in the middle of old Europe, in Fulda. Over the decades, the former Magratheans became more and more like the original inhabitants of the earth. These days you can not distinguish them anymore. Nevertheless, the Magratheans remain the creators of new worlds.

It takes a while to form and give this idea an official character. So in 2014 we found Magrathea Laboratories officially. Since 2017 we are officially a nonprofit organisation.

tl,dr; german Magrathea Laboratories e.V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein mit einem Hackerspace im Herzen von Fulda. Egal ob Nerds, Computerfreaks, Bastler, Technikinteressierte oder einfach nur Wissbegierige, alle sind hier willkommen. Die Vereinsräume bieten jedem, ob Vereinsmitglied oder nicht, Zugang zu Wissen, technischem Equipment und Gleichgesinnten.

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