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Hi! We're running fairydust.space. An instance on the federated Matrix Network for end-to-end-encrypted communication.

We're also hosting the rC3 Matrix chatrooms, come on in!

  • In English: #rc3-en@fairydust.space

  • In German: #rc3@fairydust.space

If you don't have a Matrix account yet, you're welcome to register an account on our server. https://chat.fairydust.space/

fairydust.space is a community project, financed by the admins and donations. We do have a financial transparency page where you can read up, where we get our rocket fuel from. Donations are much appreciated!

If you wanna get in contact with us, here's how to reach us: https://fairydust.space/contact/

Have a good flight! Your Fairydust.space Cabin Crew!

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