Emancipatory Technologies and the Planetary Shift

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Emancipatory Technologies and the Planetary Shift
Assembly Event
Dec. 30, 2021, 6 p.m. - Dec. 30, 2021, 8 p.m.
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Presentation and conversation by George Pór.

George is a radical sociologist, crypto commoner, and founder of Campus Co-Evolve, known on Twitter as @Technoshaman. Dir. of Research at Future HOW, Center of Action Research for Evolutionary Emergence. This event will be a blend of presentation, Q&A, collaborative inquiry, and momentum generating by those who want to go beyond just talking.

We live not in an era of changes but a change of areas. The old world is dying and the new is yet to come. This is a time when everything goes worse and worse, and better and better, at the same time, faster and faster.

The shift is into the Emerging Planetary Reality and we don’t know yet whether it’s for the better, a more beautiful, peaceful, prosperous, and fair world that works for all, or for the worse, descending into the Collapse and unthinkably massive suffering. The struggle between the old and the new may take decades. This gateway decade of 2020’s may become a decisive one. What the future will be is up to us!

That’s where the emancipatory technologies come in. More precisely, it’s our wise use of those technologies that have the potential to boost our capabilities for collaboration, mutual learning, coordination of action in and across the ecosystems of the multitudes of movements for a post-capitalist future.


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