Offene Bühne

Assembly: Zukunftsverbesserungskisten

Like every C3 event, there are many organized, talks, sessions, workshops, ... to attend. Browse the list and see what you can was^Z spend your time on rc3 on.

hello dear visitor, this is the open schedule of the V7-project for the rc3

we want to offer a space where people can share knowledge, ideas and a good time

(sorry this is rudimentary, if someone likes tho help, please do.) who would like to participate please take a time slot and write briefly what you want to do: sing a song, show how to fix holes in socks, explain about your passion for linguistic, a discussion about a topic you would likt to have, a meditation you d like to offer, a poem you would like to read, something that you want to share with others. be excellent to each other.

we search for a universal code of conduct.


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