HackThisSite SSO

Assembly: HackThisSite

Like every C3 event, there are many organized, talks, sessions, workshops, ... to attend. Browse the list and see what you can was^Z spend your time on rc3 on.

HackThisSite needs a major recode, but in order to facilitate this we need to build a single sign-on service. We're looking for developers to help us build several components:

  • Sessions internal API (e.g. RESTful Redis wrapper plus some extras)
  • PHP session library (for upstream services to connect to the Sessions API)
  • OpenResty proxy (interfaces with the Sessions API, validates cookies, passes info upstream)
  • Single Sign-on UI (login, registration, password reset, admin controls, etc.)

Come join us today and help us with the first steps to rebuild HackThisSite!

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