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Hacking Thursday (H4) is an open-source and hacking community originated in Taiwan. We've met up casually free discussing and peer learning in technologies, engineering and values, any hacking-related topics, for every hacker in any level at every Thursday night, and it's been for a decade.

We have a discord server for all our remote events, surely it's also available for r3c events, and we mostly will be online within 19:00-23:00 GMT+8 (12:00-16:00 GMT+1) from Tuesday to Thursday.

discord server link: https://discord.com/invite/7gpSktcbJQ

Furthermore we will have a physical meetup on Thursday night(12/30 19:00-22:00) in Taiwan which is the last day of rc3. The event link will be available later(wait for me).      But during last 2 years, we've been hit by pandemic ,we've got nowehere to go like you, so we turn our meetup from physical meetup to online event, since we've went online meetup, we can invite more people online to join, and this year we'd like to invite more rc3 friend to join. we can share some of our hacking casual in Taiwan,you can share yours from your hacking casual, any topic is free and welcome here. Feel free to join.

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